The Story of the Ethical Event Company

Building a platform to showcase the numerous ethical events suppliers has been an idea that’s grown over the last few years. My one main aim is to bring more business to the venues, caterers, producers and service providers, who are working tirelessly to solve some of societies biggest problems. Money will always be spent on events, from conferences to weddings, let’s spend this money in the most ethical way.

There will be 3 phases in the development of The Ethical Events Company:

  1. Blog – I’ve started to write short blog posts to highlight some of these great suppliers. If you want me to write a post about your ethical venue/food/drink/service then get in touch via the contact page
  2. Platform – Once I’ve mastered creating a usable website I want to develop it into a more sophisticated platform where users can search for venues and service providers by location, price, capacity etc. This is definitely outside my sphere of knowledge, so if you’re a website developer willing to offer some pro bono support to help me do this, please do get in touch!
  3. Event planning – If the website proves popular and there’s a real interest in ethical events then I plan to start a business, planning events for clients where every element has social impact. If you want a hand planning an ethical event and aren’t too time pressured (I currently have a full time job as well!) then get in touch, I’d love to trial some event planning.