Strawberry Lemonade Events

Who: Strawberry Lemonade Events
Where: Edinburgh
What: A not-for-profit events planner
Price: Quoted per event

By choosing this ethical supplier you will be helping employ people who are facing social exclusion

Not quite right for your event, but you want to support them anyway? Why not get in touch with Sian and donate to the Moira Fund

A few weeks ago I had a lovely opportunity to visit Edinburgh for work. Whilst there I met several incredible social entrepreneurs doing fantastic things all over Scotland. One of these was Sian Downes, an experienced third-sector event planner, who has quit her job and taken the brave decision to go solo. She’s available to help you plan your event, from birthdays to weddings, whilst having impact on society in two ways – firstly she plans to start employing people facing social exclusion, and secondly profits will go to the Moira Fund to help people facing a terminal cancer diagnosis marry the love of their life, before life ends.

Sian is such an inspiring, energetic person – I would highly recommend getting in touch if you need help planning your event